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How A “NO” Get You A “Yes” When Selling

Tick on a NO box of a form

How many more NO’s can you take?

Imagine this – you need to make just a few more phone calls in order to hit your sales target. The more you call your prospects the more “No’s” you are getting.

Go for NO!

Rejection can be hard; what you need to do is to re frame on how you make that call. Re-framing will allow you to see things differently or look at a solution/outcome in another way.
Rather than anxiously expecting a NO, re-frame and go for a positive NO. In your mind you want them to say  ”no” to you – this way you have an expected outcome which you have already experienced.

So next time you have that make that sales call, go for NO. You will be more relaxed, your expectations will not be so high and you will sound more positive.

Not all NO’s are BAD!

A word of warning, don’t over do it, going for NO every time will put you in a mindset for failure. Going for NO is a tactic to help you gain your confidence back.

And Don’t forget- A NO is one step closer to a YES!


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