The power of slience in selling

“Silence is a source of great strength.”
Lao Tzu

In selling asking the right questions is essential in getting that sale?

One arsenal the sales person should have in their bag is the “power of silence”. I don’t mean totally keeping quiet; but even this has its uses in negotiations!

Silence when used well, can enhance the power of any question. Many people feel embarrassed and awkward if there is a long pause in a conversation and they feel obliged to say something.

This normally occurs when a question is being asked and the listener does not reply instantly. What follows is the speaker will say something quickly, resulting in distraction and frustration.

Consider this scenario:

Salesperson: ” What do you think of the new features of product X”

Customer: pause

Salesperson: ” I can make you a great offer if you were to buy it right now, how does that sound?”

Silence is your friend use it or lose it!

As a sales person its only fair when you ask a question to give your customer the chance to answer; we all need time to think, reflect and react.
What your customers do not want is to be bombarded with more questions; to be made to feel under pressure or even intimidated.

Silence is golden

Silence is not a bottomless pit – it is a golden invitation to help your customers. It is to invite them into the sales process and encourage them into giving a clearly defined answer.
It helps them value you as a person and shows to them that you are paying attention.
To harness the true power of silence:

  • Be still, reflect on what you have said.
  • Wait and give the listener time to respond- a few seconds can seem like an eternity; have patience.
  • Respond in a calm and collective manner; not hurriedly.

Get that sale!


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