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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting That Sale!

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect”
W. Clement Stone

Not Dressing Smart
Make sure your attire is suited to the organisation you are going to, if in doubt, keep it smart – a black suit never fails.

While it may be OK to gloss over certain details  as you may not want to flag any week points in your product, however blatantly lying could land you in hot water.
If found out, you will lose your integrity, damage the reputation of your company and not get that SALE.

Slating The Competition
Speaking negatively about your competitors communicates bad company ethics and shows un-professionalism. If you want to say anything about the competitors give them examples like “well competitor X has got some great products and have been around for a while, but we feel ours can do this and do that”. Keep it short and to the point.
If you respect your competitors, your customers will respect you.

Acting Desperate
Don’t underestimate yourself or your products. A salesman must have confidence in their abilities and be positive, if you have a great product and believe in them, your customers will think the same too.

Being Unprepared
Do your research! Get as much information on your clients including their markets; how many staff; who are their competitors, etc. During the meeting have their leaflets etc. in your hand (so they know you have done your homework).
If you go unprepared your potential customers will know it and will they will switch off and you will NOT GET THE SALE.

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